In the Works…

There are a couple projects I have going right now, including revising a new 500-word  short story and looking over a more finished one. After they’ve been sent to their respective contests, it’s back to work on the novel again.

NEWS: I also just found out my favorite book store will close in March. Wolfgang Books was much more than a place to buy books. It was where I wrote a large part of my novel’s first draft, where my kids bought their books.

In his email announcement, the owner Jason said e-readers (among other things)  played a role in sealing the store’s fate. What do you think? Like Netflix doomed the video store, will the rise of digital books wipe out most brick and mortar book stores?

2 thoughts on “In the Works…

  1. Did you see the office last night? Darryl buys an e-reader and hides it from the rest of the office — he’s afraid he will get fired for using a paper-free book.
    I think e-readers will impact actual book stores. I wouldn’t have said so a few years ago … I was a holdout in buying music off of iTunes and would always buy cds. Now, I would say that 90% of what I buy musically is digital and I only buy a few actual cds a year. I can see myself doing the same with books. Bill has an e-reader and loves it (and we have way less books around the house — the kid owns more books than a library).

  2. Shawn Proctor

    I was very slow to adopt an iPod. Now though, I’m glad that I don’t have to lug around CDs.

    Not sure I can make the jump to digital readers. I (heart) books and bookstores. As a boy, the one luxury my mom afforded me was a book at the bookstore, and I loved the experience of holding a book.

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