Outlining and Contest Sneak Peek

I’m working on an outline for my novel, which is now easily a full length manuscript. At times I had a comprehensive outline then went off of it to follow a plot thread that seemed interesting. When I was working on a draft the urge to keep moving ahead meant any relevant outline only contained the plot threads and overall story arc.

Five years, three drafts, and 110,ooo words. It started in first-person, present tense then shifted to third-person, past tense.  So many trees, so much forest.

In an effort to see the whole manuscript at once, consider the whole story arc, and create an accurate and useful outline and character descriptions, I’m trying out the Shrunken Manuscript Technique. Look for an update about the experience next week. (Crosses fingers.)

Contest: Want to win a free book? Then tell me about your struggles, triumphs and strategies right here, and at the end of the month you may be randomly selected to win a book, featuring one of my short stories. More details to come!

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