Classic German Army Cold Weather Parka (In the Style of J. Peterman)

Check Point Charlie. Berlin. November 1989.


As a border guard on the east side of the Wall you had only heard the word as a faint echo,

Berlin Wall falling
(Photo from the German Missions to the United States, Germany Info )

somewhere beyond. But it grew louder at midnight as people gathered at the gate, their traveling papers in hand. Thousands stood shoulder to shoulder.

Other guards looked to you then lowered their rifles as Berliners, east and west, fell into one another, embracing, laughing through sobs.

An old man wept, pausing at the checkpoint, rebalancing on his cane, before walking to meet his family again. Twenty years. He had bought and kept all of their birthday gifts for two decades, waiting. Boys with hammers and axes climbed the wall. They scanned, turning, taking in the whole of Berlin, and smiled, shouting, then striking the wall. They chipped the concrete until it finally cracked.

You nodded then reached in your parka for a cigarette. A united Berlin; this was truly a night to celebrate.

Classic German Army Cold Weather Parka. Four front pockets and one inside meant you never ran out of space for gear. Heavy duty material with hood and removable fleece liner promised years of all-season wear.

Zipper and button fastening. Shoulders finished with tri-color, stitched German flag. Drawstrings at waist and hood. Durable. Comfortable.The start of a revolution.

Price: $238.

Sizes: S (36″), M (38″), L (40″).

Color: Drab olive.

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