Unstuck Uses Twitter as a Short Story Medium

Image from Unstuck
Courtesy of Unstuck

Micro fiction has always pushed to tell the biggest stories in least space. 1500 words became 150 words became 25 words. Then six.

When the stories work, they are amazing. For examples, see Amy Hempel, one of the best from the so-called fictional minimalists.Other times, it becomes a code for which the reader needs a cypher.

Unstuck Annual, an independent literary journal, has entered its own experiment in micro fiction, using Twitter as the medium. Twelve Tweets telling one story. For the next five Mondays, the remainder of its “Lovemarks” contest finalists will have their entries tweeted out.

The first, “BIG BRIGHT DREAMS” by Kira Atwood-Youngstrom, came out this morning. Look for the rest. Let me know what you think — below or on Twitter. And remember to vote for your favorite.

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