Link of the Week: Chris Hardwick, Interview 2: Watching the “Daily Show” Saved My Life

Geekadelphia just posted my interview with Chris Hardwick, host of The Nerdist, Talking Dead, and about fifteen other podcasts and television shows.The turning point of his book and life was went post-Singled-Out Chris realized he’d followed the cliche’ comedian’s path right into a bottle.

While he doesn’t begrudge anyone who can drink without fear of addiction, Chris, in his own words, has the gene that makes one drink become ten, one night of drinking become two weeks.

Luckily he was watching an episode of “The Daily Show” when his old pal Jenny McCarthy came on. (Skip to 3:35.) Yeah, Jon Stewart buried him. Boom! Right in the kisser. But that was when he realized how much of a joke he’d become…Chris was an aside, jammed in at the end of an interview.

Here, from the Geekadelphia interview, Chris talks about that moment:

“Most people don’t get an intervention from their favorite television show, but that was really what happened. It was still couple more years before I decided to clean up my act, but that was the first moment I was aware. At the time it crushed me—it was ultimately was one of the best things that ever happened.”–Chris Hardwick

Do yourself a favor, listen to his podcast “The Nerdist.” Maybe even buy the book.

Enjoy your burrito!

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