Guest Blogging: World War II Weekend

Theresa Eaman sings at World War II Weekend in Reading, Pa.

In another blog for CultureMob, I reviewed the musical acts that graced World War II Weekend in Reading, Pa.

In retrospect, Theresa Eaman, an area jazz singer, was the real surprise of the musical acts booked Saturday. She is one of those voices who breathes life into the torch songs from the era.

It was so authentic, if I closed my eyes I practically could hear the hiss of the record and smell the stale smoke in the club.

Guest Blogging: CultureMob

An adoring fan gets the youth movement started.

In case you missed Dar Williams’ concert in King of Prussia over the weekend, check out my review at CultureMob Philly.

A few years ago, I’d noticed that midway through a typical Dar show that women would begin dancing in a large group off to the side. Well, maybe someone hit a reset button on the audience age, because the dance party–right in front of the stage now–is skewing young, really young:

“And though they may be tiny—just two to five years old—their passion is mighty.”

The girls were pretty awesome, there’s no doubt. And I, for one, welcome our new diminutive  overlords.